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Guardians Of Life Comic Book Series

Guardians of Life Comic Book Series

Thursday, January 7, 2010

About me

About Me

Hey guys, I love the Entertainment Biz no matter how many times i want to leave it I just get pulled right back in.

My family includes Mommie, Sissie Jen-Phuong (Older), My brother in Law Christopher, Little Brother Thien, well he's not little anymore lol and my baby nephew Kevin-Phi Long. My Second sister passed away when i was 13 hence why I have the name Mya and my father passed away 2005 when Hurricane Rita hit Beaumont. We will all miss them dearly and will always have them in our hearts. R.I.P.

I've been a model since I was 15 started in Vietnam. Started by taking modeling courses then got serious in it. Took classes including

Poses (Photo Shoots)
Cat Walk (Stage Performing)
Photography (Photographer)
Designing (Clothing Designing)
Make Up (Make Up Artist)
Hair Stylist (Style Hair for fashion shows)
Writing (More of poetry)
Dancing (Tango, bebop, cha cha, rumba, valse etc...)
And much more.

Graduated modeling class and the higher up classes after 3 years of it. Within those 3 years I was assistant for all the teachers as well as the Assistant Director for all the Fashion Shows and the Schools Assistant for the CEO itself. Within those times I was also a Translator/Interpretor for the school itself.

I picked up acting down the road as modeling was my main career at that time. I did music videos for Minh Thuan and Dan Truong which were and still are the top singers in Vietnam right now. Also did commercials for Pepsi, Kao's Sifone, Yomost and Sam Sung. I always loved singing but i set it to a side since modeling and acting was going so well for me. I picked up my first show right after I came back from winning 2nd Miss Vietnam Enchanter. It was for a charity show in Saigon at Nha Van Hoa Thanh Nien.

In 2000 There was a Beauty contest called Miss Enchanter Vietnam 2000. I was sent with my 2 other friends and sister to enter. We passed the 500 girls from Saigon 10 were picked out of each city narrowing down to 100 girls sent to Ha Noi. Then from 100 girls down to 20 and 20 down to 10. I made it in the 10 thinking there was no way I would win I came here for fun and I made top 3. I won second place Miss Vietnam Enchanter 2000 also Mis Congeniality. At the same time i went to an Aerobic contest which was Miss Aerobic 2005 I won the title Miss Perfect fit 2005. Not think I would step another foot into beauty contest.

As I came back to America when I was 19. I took a little break from the Entertainment World. But not for long I stepped foot once again back in slowly as a model then 2005 hit Miss Beaumont 2005 was going on. I was picked out of 20 girls to represent Beaumont to Miss Texas International 2005. Heading to San Antonio with my mind set on just having fun I got 2nd runner up Miss Texas International 2005. Life is full of surprises but if you never take that chance you will never know. I started doing some small gigs for modeling and acting here and there. Then tried the life in CA Acting was amazingly fun and great. Worked on quite a few projects there met a lot of new people.

I'm a computer geek and a gamer (nerd) I love to play all kinds of games and try out new things. I am currently playing World Of Warcraft met a lot of cool new people that also are my writers to my Magazine.

Now I'm currently working on my books which I've already published 6 and working Book Series Gift Of A Curse thats has a chapter published in my magazine every month. My online magazine for the Entertainment Business is opened for all that are in the entertainment world.Iif you are interested in being one of my writers for a column or being on one of my issues let me know. I'm very opened minded to suggestions for further improvements.


* Wanting to meet more people in the industry to exchange experience. Even people that aren't in the industry everyone have a creative mind just depending on field.

Email me for suggestions or if you want part of my work.

Lien Mya Nguyen